I Live for Moments Like These

I live for moments like these. Moments that can’t be fully explained in words. Moments that may be able to be photographed but the picture wouldn’t adequately convey all the feelings felt in the moment. As I went throughout my day today, I stopped several times to relish in these moments. The moment I read His Word and was reassured of His love for me. The moment when my husband kissed me and my son on his way to work. The moment when my son took his spoon and ate his cereal by himself for the first time. The moment when after his bath, he automatically nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck to cuddle before scooting off and finding something else to get into. The moment my husband came home from work and placed his head in the exact same spot my son placed his hours earlier. The moment we settle into bed for the night, speaking softly about any and everything. I live for the moments that may not make it into my timeline for everyone else to see but will forever be ingrained in my mind and in my heart. I live for moments like these.


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