Spring 2k17

Happy Friday, my beauties! FINALLY, Spring (weather) has arrived in South Florida! And by Spring weather, I mean 65 degrees in the mornings, 90 degrees by 2 PM, and then back to 65 degrees at the end of the night. *insert annoyed emoji*

Anyways, have you been paying attention to the Spring 2017 trends?! There are so many different patterns and colors happening this year and I. Am. Here. For. It! I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite trends and show you where to get them for the LOW-LOW! Everything on this list is $25 or less! I used my favorite stores for when I need something cute, quick, and inexpensive, which happens to be most of the time for me, haha!



Flowers in the Spring time are like leaves in the Fall — they will ALWAYS be related and represented somehow in fashion. This year, I am truly embracing the flower power! I love the varying patterns and they’re so many options to go from day to night and every occasion in between.

Navy Dress / Black Patterned Sneaker / Floral Maxi Skirt / Black Midi Skirt / OTS Top

 Block Heels

I love heels. With all that is in me, I love heels. I wore my 4-5 stilettos during my first pregnancy up until a week before my son was born. But ever since having my second son, heels have NOT loved me back. Fortunately for me, BLOCK heels are here! They come in all heights, styles and colors!

 Brown Mules / Green Lace-ups / Black Mules / Gold Ankle Tie


I am a neutral girl. Very rarely will you see me in a color like red, yellow or pink — until this year! Blush is the new neutral! And every shade of blush/pink is represented from the pale barely noticeable blush to a deeper, stronger tone. Blush is by absolute favorite Spring (and Summer!) trend this year!

Bell-sleeved cold shoulder / Scalloped OTS / Crossbody / Metallic Rose sneakers

Ruffles and Bell Sleeves

Make way for the statement top! Ruffles represent so much romanticism and femininity and the voluminous sleeves add an extra umph! From small ruffles on your shirt to show stopping big sleeves, there is something here for everyone!

White Cold Shoulder / Blue Bell Sleeve / Striped OTS / Striped Cold Shoulder

I hope this helps anyone who was looking to join in on the Spring trends but didn’t know where to start or even to give you guys some outfit ideas. What are your favorite ones?? Comment or write me on Instagram or Twitter! Have a great weekend!



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