Happy Tuesday!

I hope you guys had a GREAT Resurrection weekend! I served at my church (Calvary PSL) and was so grateful to help in leading worship. We had 4 services (1 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday) and I was SUPER excited to wear this jumper on Saturday night, haha! It was comfortable and I loved the way it looked! I will definitely be wearing this all summer long! Most importantly though, we had an awesome service where people met Jesus!

I’m on the far right!

Our Sunday services were also powerful and we had more people who came to Jesus, which is what it’s all about!!

I LOVE serving at Calvary! Such amazing people who truly love Jesus.

After church on Sunday, we had family dinner at my in laws house and my Mama in love made a delicious meal. I was so thankful that after serving in 3 services, I had food waiting for me!!!


I loved the way my boys dressed. These colors were vibrant and all three of them looked SO handsome.

Have you ever tried to take pictures of a toddler?! Yeah. The fact that Russell looked directly into the camera and smiled more than once is proof that God is alive lol!

After relaxing, I actually got to go OUT with my husband for a friend’s birthday dinner nearby. We had a great time watching the playoffs, eating (again!) and talking with friends, new and old! 

I had a such a great day!! I hope you guys have a GREAT week!!


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