Happy Monday and Happy first day of MAY! What an AMAZING day it is! Since I started back with Chronicles in March, as we began a new month, I have been feeling SO motivated. Each month, I write down the goals I would like to accomplish in that month and I update them on a weekly basis. I have goals for every area of my life and it’s a great way to take stock of where I am and where I want to be. I’ve learned that for me, in order to accomplish anything, I have to be INTENTIONAL. For a lot of my goals, this is the process I use:

  1. Write it down,
  2. Have a visual reminder,
  3. Assess weekly (strategize),
  4. Be realistic…
  5. …but reach for the MOON.

(I’ll talk more about these steps on another blog!)

Back in January, I decided that I wanted to start working on losing my baby weight. Having 2 kids back to back has wreaked havoc on my body. Also, I ate anything that was made of pure sugar. Cookies, cake, ice cream, gummy bears — these are a few of my favorite things. (Don’t judge me with your judge-y eyes. I see you. God is still working on me.) And then also, also, carbs are life. My life revolved around pasta and bread, which to me, besides Jesus, are the pillars on which I stand. But living on a diet mostly based on processed sugary foods and carbs was not conducive to being healthy and energetic for me and my family nor did it aid in losing weight.  I knew first and foremost that I had to remove those things from my regular diet and add exercise. But knowing that wasn’t enough.

Earlier this year, I went to one of my favorite stores, Burlington Coat Factory. They have mid to low end items at the most affordable  prices. I walked in and fell in LOVE with a skirt. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I had a few weddings coming up this Summer and I knew I wanted to wear it to one of them. I looked at the price tag and saw: $15. Regular. Price. Honestly, I looked around to see if it was a joke. They had every size available and I grabbed my size. But I stopped. And put it back. Then grabbed the size smaller — the size I used to be before having children. THIS would be my motivator to lose the weight. When I first bought it, it would not zip up. At all. So I hung this skirt up in my closet where I would see it every day. And I cut out the carbs and sugar (except on cheat day!) and I exercised. And little by little, I started seeing changes in my body and my energy. I would try on the skirt once a week to measure my progress since I’m not really about that scale life. Originally, I wanted to wear the skirt in June so I set that goal for myself: wear it by June. Well I was able to fit it and wear it this past weekend, 2 months earlier than expected!

I just had a talk yesterday with my friend at church about keeping up with the diet and exercise, which I have NOT been doing. Once I fit into the skirt, I stopped, which is terrible!! But what a perfect time to start up again: on Monday, the first day of May! So this entire month, I am challenging myself to go back to limiting sugar and carbs and exercising 5-6 days a week.

I hope this serves as motivation to take care of your body, and not because of what ANYONE else thinks, but because you want to take care of YOU. Have a great week, beauties! Here are some pictures from the wedding I went to this weekend. A BIG CONGRATS to Sam&Lycerda on their beautiful union and praying that God uses you two in a great way!

PS. My top is from Dillard’s and can be found here.

My skirt is from Burlington and they’re completely sold out but I linked a couple similar ones here and here.

Because my top was on sale for $29 and my skirt was $15 I got this entire look for less than $50! Looking great does NOT have to break the bank :). Have a great week guys!!


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