Floral Bomber



Happy, happy Friday, beauties! Even though I stay home with my boys, there’s a sense of freedom and relief that happens every Friday. It’s almost as if me and the boys look at each other and say “We made it another week!” *insert praise hands*

So as we ALL know, every year since the premier fashion line of Adam and Eve Garden Wear, Spring time correlates with floral pieces. This year, I had been looking for a way to incorporate floral clothing into my wardrobe instead of shying away from it like I usually do. I was a master of neutrals and solid color EVERYTHING. This year, I am starting to branch out and experiment with different patterns and colors. This floral print bomber was the first thing I picked up for Spring and I’m so glad I did!

I love this jacket because: a) it’s lightweight which is perfect for the transitional/can’t make up it’s mind/is it cool or hot weather that we have in the Spring time, b) it can be dressed down (like I did) with jeans and a pair of sneakers, or dressed up with a pencil skirt and high heels and c) the colors are so clean and fresh. (I actually picked up a pair of shoes that are the exact color of the blue that is in this jacket and I can’t wait to play them off of each other!)

Oh… Did I mention it was only $15?! Although they sold out of this particular style, they do have PLENTY of other options that are just as cute and multi functional as mine here.

Uhm…also…I got my sneakers from there as well. For $10. (Regular price $50)!


Here is a comparable pair for less than $25!

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!



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