Happy Thursday, beauties!

Today is an amazing day. Besides it being my cousin’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Andy!), today is a monumental day for me. It is HAITIAN FLAG DAY.

If you didn’t know before, I am Haitian-American. I am a first generation American born Haitian. Both of my parents immigrated from this beautiful island in the Caribbean and have been here in the States since the 80’s.


I actually didn’t consider myself to be American until my teens because I realized having been born here, I cannot deny being American, haha! Anyways, I say all that to say, I am ridiculously proud of being Haitian. Haitians are some of the strongest, intelligent, generous, and beautiful people in the world. The blood that runs through my veins comes from hard work, tears, resilience and a fierce pride that will never be shaken, no matter the circumstance. If you don’t know the story of Haiti, look it up! It’s an amazing, unprecedented and unique story of STRONG independent black people who took their freedom into their own hands. I’m just going to give a BRIEF rundown of this history of the flag:

Haitian flag day celebrates what it says — the Haitian flag. In 1803, while the Haitian slaves were staging a rebellion against French slave masters, Jean-Jacque Dessalines (the rebellion’s leader) ripped out the white portion of the French Flag and asked Catherine Flon to sew the remaining colors together (red&blue) as a makeshift symbol of the revolution. There have been many variations of the flag since then (the black&red one being my fave!) but we now celebrate the official one.

In the center of the flag  is a coat of arms which states “L’union fait la force!” which translates to “unity makes strength!” We are so much stronger together than individually! (There’s a message in there…)
I am so grateful that my parents were able to come here and make a life for us here in a America. We were afforded opportunities that couldn’t be given anywhere else. But I am also grateful for my heritage. My people. My country.
My husband and I look for ways to give back to support and to help our people here in the States and back home. One of my favorite places to give is to the Man Dodo Humanitarian Foundation, a foundation started by my family to help in various ways in Haiti. (You can find out more and give here.) Do you guys have any outreaches to Haiti that you’re involved it?? Let me know!

Happy Haitian Flag Day, guys!

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