Inspired Look for Less

Hello my beauties! I hope and pray that all of you guys are doing well!
Guys, I am SUPER excited about this post! I have been wanting to do a post like this for a while. This is something that I absolutely LOVE!

I get outfit inspiration from everyone, everywhere! A couple weeks ago, as I was on Instagram and saw Tia Mowry, post this picture:FullSizeRender (10)

And I LOVED this outfit! Tia was even sweet enough to post the details of each piece. A quick look at the items online showed me the total for the outfit:IMG_3410

I used to get frustrated when I saw outfits like this. Although Tia is in a place where she can afford an outfit like this, (and that is AWESOME for her!!) I am not. Some people might not even blink if they spent this much on an outfit, and if that is your life, I am SO happy for you. Everyone has different budgets to work with and that is OK. Spending that much on an outfit is not something I would do but I still love to look nice so I decided to recreate this look with 1 NEW item and other pieces that I had. Here is my interpretation of this look:

image2 (1)

The Top:

My top was the only new item I added to this look. I have been OBSESSED with this blue and white menswear inspired pattern! I have at least 3 items in this print and I can’t get enough! With this top, I love the ruffle sleeved detail and the peplum hem. I’m not sure if you would call this a cold shoulder or off the shoulder top, but either way, there is a some shoulder action happening and I like it, haha. Tia’s top is darker and has a tie detail in the front, but I love the fact that we both have ruffle details and the thick strap up top with shoulder cleavage 🙂 I got my top from Ross for $12.99!

The Pants:

Mamas, you know how we all have a couple items of clothing that we wore BEFORE the babies that we hold on to in hopes what we’ll be able to wear it again? These jeans are IT. I’ve had these jeans for YEARS and for a while, I couldn’t wear them. But I finally fit in them! *insert praise hands emoji* These jeans are from H&M. Tia’s jeans have a couple rips in the knees and I think I want to add a couple into mine as well. (I wrote a post about distressing your own jeans. You can find it here! )

The Shoes:

Everyone, regardless of their budget, should have a pair of black shoes that you can always go to. These are mine. I love how these shoes can look just as gorgeous with jeans as they can with a dress or a skirt. I got them from Charlotte Russe a few years ago for $15! Charlotte Russe frequently puts shoes on sale so they are an amazing source for great shoes for at an even greater price.

My grand total for this look was…. $12.99. Seriously. Not kidding. Does it look exactly like Tia’s? No! But I thought it was a good look inspired by hers! I love this outfit and BONUS: as soon as I walked out in it, my husband said “You look slim!” Music to this Mama’s ears :).

Hope you guys were inspired to dress within your budget and still look GREAT!


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  1. Cheslie says:

    I love it! Never In a million years will I consider pairing this top with black pants. White pants, yes but black? No. But I can see how beautiful it is and with that being said, I will be heading to the Mall looking for a similar top. Gorgeous and budget friendly look!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. melissarmand says:

      Yessss, Cheslie!!! I’m so happy you could find inspiration!! I would wear this with white pants too…but only if I’m alone. My boys would mess those pants up in 2.3 seconds lol


  2. So cute! I love the outfit. I have a shirt very similar to yours that I bought from American Eagle on their clearance rack. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. melissarmand says:

      Yes!!! I love this pattern!!! So cute!!

      Liked by 1 person

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