To all the Daddy’s…


​Happy Friday, guys!!!! This weekend is Father’s Day and as a COMPLETE Daddy’s girl, I’ve always celebrated this holiday just as much as Mother’s Day. I am so blessed and fortunate to have an AMAZING Dad who is worthy of the love and appreciation. My Dad is loving and so caring and supportive and I can’t thank God enough for him. He taught how to be loved and was an amazing provider. I still call him for help and advice. He always has a balanced view of life that never ceases to make me think.

When my Husband became a father, he became the same way. He had an amazing father (who I now consider as my own) who raised him to be resilient, strong, and independent while being respectful to everyone around him.

Ricky has already started and will continue to impart these values on our sons and I can’t wait to see how they bloom and grow under his care. I love being married to a man who LOVES and enjoys being a Dad to our sons. As soon as he gets home from work, he greets me and goes to the boys. The way Russell and Ryan’s faces light up when they hear the key in the door is EVERYTHING.

I have been always surrounded by great men who love their wives and care wholeheartedly for their children.

I know that this has not been the case for everyone. Unfortunately, there are people who never had anything close to what I had — and for those people, I am so sorry. I hurt for you! (You can borrow my Daddy, any time, by the way. He loves talking to everyone!! More importantly, I pray you look up to the heavenly Father who loves you so much more than any earthly father could.) I realize the strain it could have potentially put on you as you grew up and the GREAT impact it could’ve had on your life. I do not wish to diminish your hurt or pain. (But note that the heavenly Father can restore ANYTHING you’ve gone through!) Respectfully, though, this holiday is to celebrate the ones who have and are doing a great job.  So to the single fathers, the fathers of young children who can’t say it themselves, the fathers who can’t be with their kids for whatever reason, the father whose children aren’t speaking to them for a mistake they made (even though they’ve tried to correct it), the father whose children are up in heaven, to the father whose tough love made it difficult to connect with his children, to all the fathers loving and trying — HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! This day is for you!


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